Obama Caught Blatantly Trying To Overthrow President Trump!

Barack Obama never lied Donald Trump, and that is long before that moment in 2015 that he came down the escalator to announce that he was running for President.

If you go back even several years before that you will see that Donald Trump was quick to call Obama out on every bit of nonsense that he has said in the ensuing years.

Now, while he was still in office you could plainly see the steps that he was taking to try and make sure that Trump never made it anywhere close to the White House.

If he limited what he was doing to making campaign speeches for people that would be one thing but with each passing day and week we see more evidence that he was ordering people to commit crimes in an attempt to sway the election in favor of his good friend Hillary Clinton.

Well, there comes a time for everyone to have to pay for what they have done and that time may be soon for Barack Obama…

From Mad World News:

Breaking news is sending shock-waves across Capitol Hill as newly declassified documents, including emails, confirm an elaborate scheme to overthrow President Donald Trump, involving Obama State Department personnel. The documents name Democratic senators who were at the center of a devious plot. Here’s what every American needs to know.

Newly declassified documents make it clear, Former President Barack Obama was trying to overthrow the incoming president, Donald Trump, just one day before his inauguration.

A newly declassified email from a senior adviser in the Obama administration reads, “We made the deadline! Thank you everyone for what was truly a Department-wide effort!” And, the deadline the top adviser is talking about it the inauguration of Donald J. Trump. In fact, this email was sent less than 24 hours before Trump’s inauguration.

The deep state rats who concocted this plot to oust Donald Trump as president started back in July 2016, right after Trump won the GOP nomination.

Of course, in July 2016, the plot was to make sure he didn’t get elected president, but after he won the presidency, the plot continued full speed ahead to then make sure he would never make it to a second term.




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