Nurse Sees Friend Digging For Baby Clothes In Donations, Has Her In Tears When She Opens Trunk [VIDEO]

Moms have an incredible and unique bond with their children, and they will do everything in their power to take care of their little ones as best as they can, especially with newborns. That certainly is the case with Sara Putnam, who is a nurse at the Henrico Hospital in Richmond.

Sara’s son recently had a baby, but unfortunately, he wasn’t able to take care of the little child. That’s why Sara decided to adopt her granddaughter and received full custody over her.

However, the adoption was rather unexpected which gave grandmother Sara little time to prepare for the arrival of the adorable baby. She was particularly worried that she wouldn’t have any clothing for the baby girl.

One day, Pam Medina, one of Sara’s co-workers and a fellow nurse caught Sara going through a donation bin of baby clothes. Pam was touched and felt like she needed to help her co-worker.

When Pam got home from work, she enlisted the aid of people of dozens of Facebook classifieds and baby groups and asked if people would donate some baby clothing and accessories that they no longer needed.

It didn’t take long before the responses starting pouring in, and Pam drove for a couple of days across Richmond and Chesterfield to collect all the items.

After Pam received all the generous donations from strangers on Facebook, she set up a surprise for Sara. Pam loaded up the trunk of her car with the baby items and asks Sara to take a look.

Sara couldn’t believe her eyes and was brought to tears by the generosity of strangers and Pam’s efforts. What a heartwarming surprise!

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