Nurse Had ‘Laughing Feeling’ After Killing Her Patients [VIDEO]

Former registered nurse Elizabeth Wettlaufer, 49, who pleaded guilty in Superior Court in Woodstock, to 14 charges including first-degree murder, attempted murder and aggravated assault, told the court that a “red surge” would come over her when she was about to kill someone.

Wettlaufer worked at homes in the Ontario communities of Woodstock, Paris and London, often as the registered nurse overseeing the nightshifts.

In October, Wettlaufer was charged in the deaths of eight residents at nursing homes in Woodstock and London. In January, she faced six additional charges related to seniors in her care. She worked at the facilities between 2007 and 2014.

Family members of Wettlaufer’s victims were faced with a long and emotional day in court. Some broke down in the courtroom as Wettlaufer entered her pleas.

Superior Court Justice Bruce Thomas told the families, “I can’t imagine the betrayal” and said their strength dealing with what they saw in court impressed him.

The ex-nurse told police she used insulin pens to administer lethal and non-lethal doses of the drug to kill eight people and seriously harm six.

After injecting another of her victims, she got what she told police was “a laughing feeling.”

She left on a Caribbean cruise the next day.

Wettlaufer confirmed that she was not intoxicated with drugs or alcohol while injecting victims with insulin with the intent to kill.

During her taped confession, she said she laughed when a co-worker suggested that Arpad Horvath’s blood sugar had spiked dangerously due to a past stroke, and not due to her attempts to kill him with insulin.

On Thursday, Wettlaufer, pleaded guilty to 14 charges in all involving people under her care.

Her admissions mark the latest twist in one of the biggest mass-murder trials in Ontario history.

Police started investigating Wettlaufer last September after Toronto cops learned of information she had given during a stay at a Toronto psychiatric hospital.



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