• July 15, 2024

Not The First Time This Antifa Tramp Has Taken A ‘Shot’ In The Mouth [VIDEO]

 Not The First Time This Antifa Tramp Has Taken A ‘Shot’ In The Mouth [VIDEO]


In the video below, an instantly-recognizable Damigo can be seen attacking 20-year-old Louise Rosealma, a member of the Oak Roots anarchist collective. The video went viral over the weekend, leading to calls for Damigo’s arrest and his expulsion from CSU Stanislaus.

“After getting hit by Damigo, I was punched and thrown down by two others while they tried to get my skull to land on the rocks in the planter,” Rosealma told teleSUR. “Afterward, another guy held me by the shoulders and kneed me in the face a few times.”

Disturbing details have come to light about the Antifa girl. In no particular order, here is what we now know about Louise Rosealma (Venus Rosales, Emily Rose Marshall, Emily Rose Nauert).

  • She was confirmed to being affiliated with FEMEN (public nude marches)
  • Not only have we found out she does nude modeling, but she also did porn on ATKhairy
  • She did nude modeling for a site called Modelanarchy- the name is suggestive to say the least
  • There are other models on both sites that look kinda hippy or punk from the USA or California region

Since the attack, Rosealma has faced a coordinated wave of online harassment by the neo-fascists.

 “I’ve received hundreds of messages with death and rape threats,” Rosealma said. “They’re releasing malicious memes with photos of me, leaking my personal information and harassing my friends and family on multiple platforms.”

Rosealma has taken the attacks in stride, and sees her experience as a signal for social movements and leftists in the U.S. not to minimize what she calls the “racist genocidal agenda of this spineless meme cult.” According to her, only increased militancy from anti-fascists can counter the deadly threat posed by Damigo and his neo-fascist comrades.

“If I can take anything from this it’s that the left needs to learn military tactical organization for street confrontation and to be ready to defend your life. They attacked me with the intent to kill, and chanted to kill Antifa,” she said. “I paid the price for being ill-prepared but I have no regrets that I showed up.”

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