• April 18, 2024

NFL Has Suffered It’s WORST LOSS YET, Attendance Sinking Like A Stone!

 NFL Has Suffered It’s WORST LOSS YET, Attendance Sinking Like A Stone!

When it comes to the situation with the NFL and their dwindling attendance in stadiums and their freefalling ratings, I think of something that happened to be in October of 2017.

I was admitted to a hospital for the first time. I was diagnosed with a MRSA infection and had to be admitted to be given IV antibiotics.

The good news about that is that I was able to otherwise freely roam the hospital when I wasn’t actively getting medicine pumped into me. So, to keep my sanity I would walk around every now and then on the floor that I was on and to the snack shack in the hospital.

This was a VA hospital so everyone that was a patient that was admitted had been in the military at some point. One of the days that I was there was on a Sunday afternoon…during football season.

I walked down one hallway when the majority of football games were on the air and you could hear televisions on, but you didn’t hear one single football game. You’d hear people up and talking. You’d hear folks watching movies and such.

You didn’t hear one whistle…..

Via Breitbart:

With the National Football League’s regular season games finally in the history books, the numbers show that average stadium attendance fell to new lows this year.

While TV ratings bounced back this year, ending two years of decline, it is the stadiums that suffered in 2018.

According to numbers reported by Sports Business Daily Editor Austin Karp, this year’s game attendance is the lowest since 2011.

As seen in many of Breitbart Sports’ weekly “Empty Seats” reports, the most embarrassing attendance tumble was experienced by the Washington Redskins whose attendance is down 19 percent over last year’s numbers.

Other attendance problems were seen by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, down nine percent, and the Cincinnati Bengals, down five percent.

Karp also noted that the Dallas Cowboys leads the league in attendance and have, since Owner Jerry Jones inaugurated AT&T Stadium in 2009.

Not every team lost support, though. Karp noted that the L.A. Chargers grew by 29 percent and the Rams are up 14 percent.

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