Newlywed Couple Has A Horrific Idea On How To Spend Their Honeymoon [VIDEO]

A couple, who allegedly said they were on their honeymoon, were arrested twice within days after police say they kidnapped and sexually battered a Florida woman

The authorities and different witnesses reportedly say that Rashada Hurley, 32-year-old, and her new husband Timothy Lowe, 37-year-old, beat and kidnapped a woman, drove her to a motel and forced sex on her, then got naked the next day inside a convenience store and grabbed a couple of sodas without paying.

They were released after posting bail, but were back in jail on Monday for more serious charges.

Official reports say that with the help of a video surveillance, investigators quickly linked the couple to the earlier rape and said the woman identified the couple through a photo lineup.

According to the reports, the 27-year-old victim claims the couple kidnapped her from a Publix parking lot after Hurley jumped out of her car and hit her with something in the head, knocking her unconscious.

Police say the couple then took the woman and her car to a Motel 6 where they booked a room with her credit card. Once inside, the couple allegedly sexually battered her. She escaped when the couple was distracted and fled.

Rashada Hurley and Timothy Lowe were jailed in Miami-Dade County on kidnapping, carjacking, robbery and sexual battery charges.

Source: Daily Mail



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