Newly Adopted Daughter Gets 1 Present From Family That’s Putting Internet In Tears

Kids in the foster system often go through some terrible things. Not only do they have the sinking weight that they have no family to love and care for them, but they’re often passed around from family to family, carrying their belongings in a trash bag, never really getting to settle in. While many foster families are blessings from above, there are still some who just take children in for the money, and in that case, the children are often made to feel unwanted. The only ones they can really bond with are the other foster kids who understand what they’re going through.

This system is the replacement for orphanages of the past, and while the concept really is better, and often turns out well, it’s still the dream of most foster children to find a forever home. FaithTap tells the story of one little girl who did find a home with a loving family who would do anything to make her happy, and even though she’d been adopted, something was missing in her life. When they discovered what it was, they were so touched that they found her the best (and biggest) Christmas gift that she might ever receive:

‘There’s a special feeling around Christmastime, that anything is possible and even the most unlikely dreams can come true. That was the feeling floating around this household on Christmas.

There was just one thing Mom and Dad’s adopted daughter wanted as a gift, but never even imagined it actually would come true! Now footage of their surprise for their sweet girl is melting everyone’s hearts!

Just like every year before, the entire family gathered together for the holidays. They all knew that there was so much to be thankful for – everyone was in good health, they shared so much love and they recently adopted their daughter.

Even though there was so much joy in their house already, the blessings just kept coming. Mom and Dad had something extra special planned for their adopted daughter and brought her into the living room to open her big gift!

The box was tall and skinny, wrapped in beautiful red paper and topped with an enormous shiny gold bow. All of the children wanted to help their sister find out what was hiding inside of the box, but when they went to move the box, they realized it was much heavier than they expected!

Everyone waited in anticipation of what was inside that large box. That’s when Dad came over and lifted the box straight up in the air to reveal who (not what) was inside…

Mom and Dad had [sic] flown in their daughter’s former foster sister, who their newly adopted sister missed very much. Their reunion was so heartwarming, but the surprises continued when Mom and Dad made a huge announcement moments later.

The news they delivered just in time for the holidays had the entire family in awe. Their daughter, in particular, could not believe what was going to happen.

Take a peek at this incredible Christmas surprise by pressing “play” on the video below. This is what Christmas is really about!”



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