• July 16, 2024

New York Children Got An Absolutely Sickening Assignment On 9/11, And The Teacher That Gave It To Them…

 New York Children Got An Absolutely Sickening  Assignment On 9/11, And The Teacher That Gave It To Them…

On the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, fifth-grade students at a middle school were given a “deeply inappropriate” project, according to their principal.

According to WABC-TV, Mandy Bieder, a health teacher at Howard B. Matlin Middle School in the Plainview-Old Bethpage Central School District, gave the young students a worksheet in which they were asked to choose six people to accompany them to a “fall-out shelter” in the event of a nuclear attack on Long Island.

The alternatives were as follows:

1. A 16-year-old pregnant girl.
2. A police officer with multiple charges of brutality pending against him, he has his gun.
3. A 38-year-old retired prostitute.
4. A 75-year-old priest.
5. A 35-year-old sterile female doctor.
6 and 7. A husband and wife. They refuse to be separated. He is a lawyer. She is an alcoholic.
8. A 31-year-old homosexual architect.
9. A 50-year-old musician, previously addicted to cocaine.
10. A 28-year-old drifter with no apparent skills.

Here’s the full assignment:

Credit: @RubinReport

Principal Joseph Coladonato released a statement to WABC-TV condemning the assignment as “age-inappropriate” and “outside of New York State standards.”

Our school, and our district as a whole, do not approve nor support assignments that are age-inappropriate, out of alignment with the curriculum, and fall outside of New York State standards. This assignment violated all of these criteria, and has no place in our classrooms. We condemn this type of material in the strongest possible terms.

He also said they have launched an investigation into the “deeply inappropriate” assignment which includes the Central Office Administration and revealed that Bieder has been removed from the classroom. A substitute teacher will fill in until the investigation has concluded.

Here is a video report regarding this insane assignment:

Surprisingly, some people believe that this progressive instructor deserves a second opportunity. Sally Pollack, a retired New York City schoolteacher, told WNBC-TV that while she does not approve of the assignment, the principal buckled due to one “poor decision” by Bieder.

I don’t think this is an appropriate topic for fifth graders to be doing. Maybe a college class would be better. We are both retired teachers so we certainly wouldn’t want somebody to get fired over making a poor decision one time.

The principal was under a lot of pressure and he yielded to the pressure.



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