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New Video Shows What REALLY Happened In Columbus!

 New Video Shows What REALLY Happened In Columbus!

In a not-so-shocking twist, the mainstream media and Black Lives Matter are going to fight that Ma’Khia Bryant was a victim of police brutality.

See, I told you it wasn’t that shocking since we know that these radicals will never face up and recognize their own personal involvement. These radicals on the left are actually saying that Bryant was not in the midst of attacking anyone nor was she threatening anyone at all when she was wielding the knife.

They are pushing that the police officer is at fault just because she died.

There is no personal responsibility here folks. It is everyone else’s fault for Bryant’s death BUT Bryant.

There are some that have even gone as far as to claim that Bryant wasn’t going to actually attack anyone.

There’s only one problem.

There’s new footage that shows Bryant shrieking:

I’m going to stab the f*ck out of you, bitch!

If that’s not evidence that she would have killed someone had the police not intervened, we don’t know what is.

More details below:

Of course, the leftists on MSNBC had an entirely different take on the situation.

Joy Reid went on to say that it was actually the police officer’s fault for having a knife and desiring to stab someone.

Seriously, you just cannot make this stuff up.

The days of honest reporting are over since they are only concerned with pushing their own opinion and not the facts of a case.

Here is more from Heavy:

In the first 911 call, you can hear chaos in the background. “Get here now!” a female says, telling the dispatcher, “We got…girls here trying to fight us, trying to stab us, trying to put her hands on our grandma. We need a police officer here now.”

Bryant’s family has claimed that Bryant herself called police, but police said they couldn’t confirm or deny that. Here’s video of the press conference, which contains the 911 calls and additional body cam video. “She came after me,” the woman in pink tells an officer in a newly released body cam video. “She came after me,” she says. An officer asks, “With a knife?” The woman in pink responds, “Yeah, so he got her.”

Police said that the girl shot was a “female with a knife trying to stab” another person when the officer fired. The bodycam video shows the officer arriving at a chaotic fight scene, with Bryant attacking another female, who falls on the ground, before moving toward a second woman near a car, police say with a knife. The video shows the officer’s gun raised in his hands before four gunshots ring out and Bryant falls to the ground against the car. She continues moving as other officers approach her. Bystanders scream at police.

“She had a knife,” the officer says in the video. “She just ran at her.”

“She’s a f****** kid, man,” one bystander says.

You can see a knife in her hand in the video.

The bodycam video shows the knife on the ground after Bryant was shot.

Officers are allowed to use deadly force to protect the life of a third person, authorities said; the shooting is under investigation, and the officer’s name has not been released.

Other graphic videos emerged from the scene, which you can also see throughout this story. Protests erupted.

The circumstances of the shooting are still under investigation. The shooting happened on April 20, 2021, after officers were dispatched to the location on Legion Lane because “a caller said females were there trying to stab them and put their hands on them,” Woods said in the press conference. He said they arrived at the scene at 4:44 p.m.

Bryant’s name was confirmed by her family to ABC6 and other local news stations. Some sites gave her name as Makiah Bryant, Makiyah Bryant or Makhia Bryant, but her mother confirmed to 10TV reporter Lacey Crisp that the correct spelling is Ma’Khia Bryant. Other reports gave her age as 15, but her mother told local journalists she is 16.

Franklin County Children Services released a statement saying that Bryant, 16, was a foster child who was under the agency’s care. “This was a tragic incident and FCCS is continuing its involvement with the family throughout this difficult time,” the release says, naming Bryant and saying she was fatally shot in southeast Columbus.

A woman who said she was Bryant’s aunt told reporters the girl was a loving person who didn’t deserve to die “like a dog in the street.”

And of course, the BLM is still defending the criminals with parades and protests in the streets of our communities.

Those in the Democrat party are willing to continue to undermine police officers and put their lives at risk for dear of being labeled racist if they defend their own lives.

The Daily Mail has more details on this latest case:

n the bodycam footage, Bryant is seen holding a knife and charging at two other young women. She appeared to be lunging at the second woman with the knife when Reardon opened fire.

The killing of the black girl has sparked protests over police brutality and systematic racism, with Bryant’s family, lawmakers and public figures questioning the use of force and saying her death was avoidable.

The teen’s aunt Hazel Bryant said she was ‘defending herself’ from attack by the other women in the footage when she was shot while her mom’s cousin asked why the officer did not de-escalate the situation instead of opening fire.

Several lawmakers have also slammed her death at the hands of law enforcement, with Rashida Tlaib hitting out that people trying to justify the shooting and ‘strip away the fact that a child was killed.’

Bryant’s killing came just minutes before white former cop Derek Chauvin was convicted of the murder of George Floyd and as another Columbus cop is charged with murder for the December killing of another black man Andre Hill.

Military veteran Brinson told Fox News he believes Reardon was put in a ‘bad spot’ when he arrived on the scene and had just ‘seconds’ to respond with his ‘best judgement’.

‘He only had seconds to respond from my point of view,’ he said.

‘Watching this unfortunately the whole scenario put [the officer] in a bad spot.’

The neighbor told the Columbus Dispatch he came to the conclusion that the cop had no choice but to shoot Bryant after he watched his home security footage of the altercation.

‘It was violent and all just happened so fast,’ he said.

The footage, which is from much further away than the bodycam footage released by police, shows a young woman dressed in pink and another dressed in dark clothing at the end of the driveway across the street next to a car.

A small group of people are also seen in the road and at least one person in dark clothing further up the driveway.

At this point, an individual in a light-colored top and dark pants is seen emerging from the home.

They appear to be lightly jogging at first before slowing to a walk as they come down the driveway.

This person is followed by Bryant who also walks down the driveway.

The young woman in pink and the person on the driveway are in front of them on the driveway.

Simultaneously, a police car is seen driving into view and pulling up by the side of the road.

An officer – now known to be Reardon – gets out of the vehicle and walks toward the group.

Bryant and the other person from the home appear to be standing still facing the other two people, while a few other people are stood around.

The woman in pink moves back toward the car in front of the driveway.

Bryant appears to suddenly charge at one of the women who then falls to the ground.

Reardon and the woman in pink rush toward the two women but Bryant moves away and then appears to push the woman in pink against the parked car.

It is not clear what led Bryant to charge at the girls at that point or what led to the altercation in the first place.

Brinson said he had witnessed the chaotic scene leading up to the shooting as he drove up to his driveway Tuesday afternoon.

He noticed a commotion going on outside the foster home across the street and initially thought ‘it was just a girl fight,’ he told the Dispatch.

Brinson said he wasn’t concerned by what he saw at the time.

‘They were calling each other the B-word, so I figured it was just a girl fight,’ Brinson said.

He said the situation seemed to have escalated when he took his dog out soon after.

Brinson said he went inside and was in the home with his wife Rachel when the police arrived and they heard four gunshots.

He recounted his wife hitting the floor while he looked out the window of his laundry room and saw Bryant lying on the ground dying.

It was only when he watched his home security footage, which has been handed over to police, that he said he thought more people might have died had the officer not taken action.

He said neither he nor his father, who lived in the property for 14 years before he moved in in December, had seen anything like that happen before.

The woman who ran the foster home has taken in many children over the years and he does not know of any violent incidents prior to this, he said.

The truth of the matter is this…

If Bryant had not attacked two girls with a knife she would be alive today and not in a morgue. If Bryant had not been violent she would be alive. If Bryant was parented and not egged on by adults in the crowd then she would be alive.

However, these are the facts the left is not ready to talk about yet, and who knows if they ever will be.

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