[NEW VIDEO] Anti-Trump Thug Climbs On Top Of Police Car, Immediately REGRETS IT!

An idiot anti-Trump thug in Sacramento climbed on top of a California Highway Patrol vehicle he and his mobsters had surrounded and boy did he regret it fast:

I guess this moron thought the police officer would just sit there while being held hostage. Talk about learning something the hard way!

This video is a perfect illustration of liberal idealism versus reality. Think of this police car as socialism and this idiot protester as an AOC radical pushing for socialism. Maybe socialism looks good from the outside but as soon as you get onboard, the government just runs you over like you ain’t even there. Just ask Venezuelans and Cubans. They know.

Here’s a few photos of the action:

UPDATE: Here’s an even better video what shows how these morons were trying to block this CHP car:



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