New Tennessee Legislation Would Put “IN GOD WE TRUST” On Every License Plate

Tennessee state Republican Rep. Bill Sanderson introduced a new bill on Jan. 10 that would require all state license plates to include the phrase “In God We Trust.”

“We thought it would be a move in the right direction,” Sanderson told The Tennessean.

It’s not clear why it’s the “right direction,” but Sanderson’s bill would mandate that all Tennessee license plates be redesigned and replaced with the religious phrase whenever people renew their registration or buy new vehicles.

Bill Sanderson

According to Sanderson, voters want the state government to require the religious phrase on license plates because it appears on other states’ plates.

In more religious/political news, an organization called Intercessors for America is planning a “Jericho March” in Washington, D.C., on Jan. 13.

The organization said in a news release that their march is based on Joshua 6:2−5, a passage in the Bible in which God told Joshua and his fellow Jewish followers to walk around the city of Jericho once a day for six days, and then to march around seven times on the seventh day.

Intercessors for America laid out these steps for its march, ass seen on Charisma News:

1. Jan. 14-19 — Teams of intercessors will be prayer walking (marching) around the U.S. Capitol and the White House complex, declaring the coming presence of our Lord and destruction of the walls of protection around those oppose Him. Those not able to be in D.C. during these times may do the same during their prayer times.

2. Jan. 20 — As President Trump finishes his oath of office, at the moment of the power transition, all intercessors are instructed to shout to the Lord with faith and expectation that the spiritual walls will be destroyed at that moment. For those not in D.C., please do this wherever you are, and consider joining thousands across this nation by dialing 712-432-0075, then enter the code 1412452#. The call will start at the beginning of the Inauguration ceremony.

H/T: The Tennessean / Photo credit: Dawn Majors/The Tennessean

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