New Facebook Record of 334 Million Hits For Ingenious Post

One of the things I like most about the internet is the many things you can learn to make your life easier and simpler.  Evidently, I am not alone in this pursuit.  A post from May that shows you how to reduce clutter around you home (And doesn’t include a dumpster)  has now been viewed over 334 million times.  That is a new Facebook record.

 A video giving ingenious solutions for common storage issues is now the most popular Facebook video of all time.

Blossom, a page that caters to millennial moms, posted a video on May 18, showing off seven organization hacks to combat clutter.

The tips in the video included using pool noodles to keep tall boots upright in the closet, a DIY felt divider for socks and a clever way of dispensing clean underwear from an empty baby wipes container.

Other tips include a quick and easy way to fold a T-shirt and how to hang up sweaters without stretching out the shoulders.

Since it was posted just a little more than a month ago, it has been viewed more than 333million times, according to Tubular – a site that monitors social videos.

And that number just keeps rising.

Some of the other most popular videos on Facebook, include a Buzzfeed Tasty video showing you how to regrow fruit in your kitchen (294 million), a recipe for baked apple roses (280 million) and a prank video for the movie Rings (332million).

H/T The Mail Online


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