NBC Cancels Megyn Kelly Show…Somewhere Roger Ailes is Laughing

It was supposed to be a show to introduce Megyn Kelly to it’s viewers but it seems she has only met a few of them as NBC cancels her show.  It didn’t help that the biggest ratings for that time slot was the week Kelly was gone and NBC ran a year old rerun of “Dateline.”  Her latest show attracted just 2.71 million people, certainly not what NBC envisioned when they decided to pay her $15 million a year.

I’m not sure where you would find Roger Ailes today, but he is either looking down or looking up and laughing his ass off.  Kelly’s show has been an unmitigated disaster from Day One and keeps getting worse with every passing appearance.  Even the Murdoch brothers who offered Kelly $20 million a year must be feeling relief at failing to sign her.  Apparently hating Trump is not enough to guaranty results.

 According to the New York Post, “Kelly’s ratings-challenged Sunday show was announced as a limited” run that would return after the football season. The network was reportedly angling for at least ten episodes but apparently decided to end Kelly’s misery after eight episodes as Kelly’s downward spiral in the ratings did not stop.

An NBC spinmeister claimed that Kelly’s show was going off the air after this week’s show because she needs to be “freed up to focus” on her morning show. Translation: Kelly needs to do all she can to not ruin NBC’s crown jewel Today franchise. Network executives, who reportedly have been freaking out about Kelly’s poor ratings, are probably praying that Kelly simply does no more harm than she has already done in her short time at the network.

Television executives have reportedly wondered whether Kelly’s Sunday show, which seems to have highlighted her numerous substantive and stylistic flaws, will even return at all.

Breitbart News has documented Kelly’s disastrous NBC debut:

Kelly has alienated everyone except the small band of “Never Trumpers” on Twitter and anti-Trump pundits who, so desperate for affirmation and attention to make up for their numerous insecurities, gleefully allow themselves to be used as the legacy media’s useful idiots. The only silver lining for Today may be that Kelly’s tremendously bad ratings may have given Matt Lauer plenty of job security.

Kelly’s ratings were so terrible that NBC executives were reportedly even considering unloading her contract and trying to get Fox News to take her back. But a high-ranking Fox News official told Breitbart News that Kelly “would not be welcomed back” at the network.

As Breitbart News has previously noted, “NBC looks like the Houston Texans when they foolishly tried to build their franchise around former Denver Broncos quarterback Brock Osweiler at the start of last year. When Kelly went to NBC, a television executive told CNN that if Kelly fails, she could end up ‘fading into obscurity’ just like Osweiler went from ‘the penthouse to the outhouse.’”

H/T Breitbart News


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