Nadler’s Terrorism Double Standard Has Been Exposed!

I am the type of person that likes consistency. I don’t care if you are one way or the other, just try to say the one way that you are as much as possible and we will get along just fine…

Consistency is a good thing in life. It is the reason why people keep going back to the same diner for decades, and the thing that makes people trust you. If people know that you are going to tell them the truth even when they don’t like what they are hearing they know that you can be relied on.

That being said, Democrats aren’t exactly like that. They will call an apple pie a peach cobbler and tell you the sun comes out at night. Then they will try to get you to think that they are morally upstanding people.

In a slow, deliberate attack on Republicans and President Trump, Democratic Representative Jerry Nadler (D-NY) unleashed a horrific screed of hypocrisy and outright lies on terrorism in Congress.

This can only serve to cement Nadler’s legacy as one of the most crooked, disgustingly corrupt and infamous politicians of our time.

But wait a minute… didn’t Nadler get President Clinton to release the leftist terrorists who BOMBED the US Capitol Building in 1983? Oh yeah he did! But wait… the bomb specifically targeted REPUBLICANS, so I guess that’s okay, RIGHT?

Nadler’s 2021 Stand to  “Bring the rioters to justice”

Nadler’s 3 minute plus speech was thread throughout with deceit and baseless accusations of racism,

“We have a duty to observe, Madam Speaker, that racism played a direct role in this incitement. The President’s violent rhetoric is always at its most fevered pitch when he is talking about the civil rights and civic aspirations of black Americans and other minority communities.”

And a confused definition of “violent rhetoric”, where indeed it is the Congressman’s statements that were far more threatening than anything said by President Trump Jan. 6th. “We will bring the rioters to justice. Their accomplices in this House will be held responsible.”

Rep. Nadler continued,

“President Trump, who incited this riot and who remains a grave danger to the nation. As we warned the Senate when we tried him for his first impeachment, President Trump has made clear in word and deed that he will persist in such conduct if he is not removed from power. He poses a continuing threat to our nation, to the integrity of our elections, and to our democratic order. He must not remain in power one moment longer, not one moment longer. The danger is too great. We must impeach.”

A Long, Dishonorable, Hypocritical History On Terrorism

Most recently, Congressman Nadler voted along party lines NOT to add Antifa and BLM to the terrorism watch list as an amendment to a bill that was introduced by the left to combat white supremacists and right-wing extremist activity located in the United States. Congressman, your bias is showing.

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