Muslims are Upset When Judge Order Woman Not To Wear Hijab in Court

It is not true that Muslims are against assimilation.  The problem is they move into your country and you are the ones they want to assimilate to them.  Otherwise, you are a racist and an Islamaphobe.  Such is the case of the former refugee that wants to divorce her husband.  The judge in that case explained to the woman, much to the chagrin of Muslims, and to make sure he was understood, he issued a letter to the woman’s lawyer.

 If you’ve ever gone to court for a legal issue or perhaps served on a jury, then you already know there are certain protocols that must be observed. For example standing up when the judge enters the court room, being seated and of course not speaking until spoken too, those cultural norms within our legal system extends of course to European society where those legal traditions are almost interwoven.

Case in point: a German judge ordered a Syrian defendant to remove her Islamic headscarf in court during the woman’s divorce hearing.

The issue involved whether the woman would comply with the judges decree and remove the Islamic garb, in that the judge had already encountered the woman’s resistance and warned her that she must comply with the courts request, which of course for many Muslims assimilating within a western culture and respecting our laws can be problematic.

The judge had warned the woman the courtroom was no place for religious symbols and to make sure that his decree was understood the judge issued the warning in writing to Najat Abokal the lawyer who was representing the Muslim woman.

The judge also pointed out that civil servants and police officers in Germany who are Muslim are banned from wearing the niqab, burka or hijab or any religious symbol on the job.

Civil servants and police officers have already been banned from wearing the niqab, burka or hijab or any religious symbol, but this has not previously extended to members of the public.

The woman, who arrived in Germany from the Middle East as a refugee, wants to end her marriage and had filed papers at the Luckenwalde court in Brandenburg. Germany.

H/T US Herald

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