• June 25, 2024

Muslim Woman Goes off on Cameraman… 2 Hours Later the Police Step In [VIDEO]

 Muslim Woman Goes off on Cameraman… 2 Hours Later the Police Step In [VIDEO]

A Muslim woman was caught on camera at Los Angeles International Airport threatening to bomb America and making derogatory comments about LGBT people, according to citizen journalist and cameraman Tony Vera.

Tony Vera was at Los Angeles International Airport when he noticed a Muslim woman being detained in handcuffs by police and having her bags searched.

After a few minutes, the police released her and Vera went over to talk to the woman about what had happened.

“Who are you, first of all?” the woman asked, sounding suspicious of Vera.

Vera explained that he is a reporter who frequents the airport in search of news stories.

“And why do I care?” she asked.

The cameraman restated that he was just trying to find out what happened to her.

“Love happened to me,” the woman sarcastically replied.

Seeing that the conversation wasn’t going anywhere, Vera wished the woman a “safe flight.”

It was at this point that the woman decided to speak up.

Rather than a civil conversation about what prompted the arrest, the woman became completely unhinged and started screaming about how terrible America was, how terrible then-candidate Donald Trump was, and how she would blow up America.

Sounds like she has a real winning personality.

“F*** America, I will make sure I bomb America,” she said at one point during the video. “None of you is going to have a safe sleep. I will make sure we bomb.”

The woman referenced Allah many times, condemning America for failing for follow the path of Allah and talking about how Allah would have vengeance upon all of us.

The hijab-clad woman continued for another several minutes, apparently not caring anymore that Vera was filming. She spoke about the superiority of Islam over other religions and her disdain for the United States and its people. She even mentioned presidential candidate Donald Trump in her expletive-laden rant.

When she finished, the woman calmly walked into the airport to catch an Asia-bound flight.

She never boarded. Police eventually detained the woman again and escorted her off the premises.

Thankfully, in America we tend to detain people who go off spouting copious amounts of radical garbage. In Europe, they have been a little more lax when it comes to radicalized Muslims, and as a result they have suffered a number of devastating terror attacks.

It is unclear what ever happened to this woman (naturally the liberal media failed to really cover this story), but hopefully she left the United States and never returned.

It’s chilling to think that there are people like her out there, and that many of them are probably plotting against us at this very moment.

Sources:  www.conservativetribune.com

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