• June 14, 2024

Muslim Rushed to Hospital, What Doctors Pull Out of His Butt Gets Him Immediately Fired

 Muslim Rushed to Hospital, What Doctors Pull Out of His Butt Gets Him Immediately Fired

Although sex with livestock and homosexual relations is widely practiced among Muslims across the world, the ruling is still out on whether Allah permits the use of fruit for sexual gratification. Since a fatwa concerning the use of phallic-shaped objects does not exist, one Muslim Imam is now in hot water after what emergency personnel removed from his butt, after he visited a local emergency room with symptoms of “bleeding and severe abdominal pain.”

The 39-year-old rushed himself to the hospital in the early morning hours of June 23, where doctors examined his rectum, and were horrified to discover pieces of cucumber lodged in his butt. Shortly after the story made its way to the local press, an official investigation was launched by the local branch of the Religious Affairs Directorate, or Diyanet, where the man worked.

But some Muslims are speaking out, furious that the hospital released information about the patient, and chastised the hospital in a public statement:

“The imam applied to a hospital for a medical condition, it is a crime to have leaked the information of a patient,” said Ardıl Bayram Şahin, a member of the Istanbul Chamber of Doctors’ Human Rights Commission.

“We do not know what the official investigation is about, but suspension is unacceptable,” he added.

“Such rights violations may prevent people with various sexual practices, especially those who are public employees, from seeking medical assistance,” Şahin warned.

Well maybe, you should refrain from sticking cucumbers in your butt if you’re that concerned that people are going to find out, right?

H/T [Hurriyet Daily News]


  • How amazing the most sexually repressive “religion” in the entire world, whose most “perfect man” married a 5-year-old but waited till she was 9 before having sex is worried people will find out their leaders stuff vegetables up their butts. These same people murder their females for talking to strangers, still practice sexual slavery and murder anyone leaving the religion or anyone advocating someone to do so. Say anything derogatory you want about Christians, Jews or Hindews but its simply not PC to even repost Islamic quotes without outrage. Why is that?

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