Muslim Refugee Rapes Woman To Death, Proclaims 7 Words When Court Frees Him [VIDEO]

After an immigrant brutally raped a woman to death, he was arrested and charged with murder. However, the killer rapist was soon released to roam the streets for his next victim, proclaiming 7 sickening words to the media with a sadistic grin on his face.

Thanks to the West’s push for multiculturalism, cultures and ideologies with barbaric fundamentals are being treated as equal to our own humane values. Desperate to prove after 1,400 years of conquest and oppression that Islam is peaceful, leftists are willing to sacrifice our culture, freedoms, and even the most vulnerable civilians in a disastrous bid to protect the sordid reputation Islam has created for itself.

When Somali native Abdi Hakim Ali, 38, arrived as an immigrant in Sweden, he never informed his gracious hosts that he’d be engaging in a violent and deadly crime spree. Like all other migrants, he claimed to be a victim of war and oppression, a cry answered by bleeding-heart liberals with demands for open borders.

As a immigrant, Ali bided his time in Stockholm by committing crimes. The peak of his thuggish behavior came when the migrant overpowered a homeless man in a shelter and brutally sodomized him in autumn of 2013, reports Denmark’s 10 News. Unsatisfied, the sexual deviant headed out to search for his next victim — an unarmed woman in a parking garage. There, Ali violently raped the woman until she died alone on the cold concrete from injuries incurred during the attack.

Although Ali was sentenced to 5 years in prison along with immediate deportation and a 10-year ban from re-entering Sweden, he was out on the streets again in just 2 years because, as the court explained, Somalia doesn’t want to take him back. Swedish newspaper Fria Tider reports that even though the court didn’t divulge the reason for his early release and stay in Sweden, they confirmed that he won’t be deported as previously sentenced because his native country refuses to accept him.

As expected, Ali was eager to be released after just 2 years for the rapes and murder of Swedish citizens. However, even the leftist media was shocked when he openly admitted that he’ll commit more crimes because “I have no job or social assistance.”

“I have no job or social assistance. S*** happens,” the Somali told police.

Unfortunately, Ali is keeping his word. In January 2017, Ali was back in court, this time facing a total of 26 criminal charges, including larceny and theft of property, to which he feels entitled. He was recently sentenced to another 8 months in prison, which, judging by his previous conviction, likely means he’ll be out again in just a few months.

The video footage surfaced in 2014 of one of Ali’s crime sprees. In the video he tried to steal money to a severely beaten man outside McDonald’s in Stockholm.

Source:  MadWorldNews

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