Muslim Refugee Beat Wife With Hammers Upon Learning What She ‘Forgot’

A man was allowed to stay in the country after he beat his wife with two hammers when she forgot to cook him dinner.

Despite the left’s loving embrace of Muslims, Islam is perhaps the most anti-feminist religion in the world. With the Quran teaching that women are worth half a man and that men have authority over their wives and should beat them, it’s becoming difficult for liberals to defend the Muslim migrants who claim it is their religious right to subjugate females to their oppression.

When 21-year-old Mohsin Akram left Pakistan for the UK, he wasn’t fleeing religious persecution or war. His plan was to marry a British woman and obtain a visa so that he could live fat on Europe’s glorious benefits. What he didn’t expect was that his European wife wouldn’t adapt so well to his unadulterated Islamic fundamentals.

Daily Mail reports that Akram’s wife, 20-year-old Mariam Hussain, barely escaped with her life after her Pakistani husband brutalized her with 2 hammers in an hour-long attack because she “forgot” to have his dinner ready when he arrived home at 1 a.m. after a long night of partying. At their apartment in Cardi on December 24, Akram brandished the tools and relentless beat his wife, shouting, “You’ve had your chance to be a good wife,” as she pleaded for her life.

After meeting on Facebook and marrying soon after, Akram implemented the same Islamic rules to which millions of women are subjected in Sharia governed countries. Once they were wed, Akram prohibited Hussain from leaving the house without him, having a cell phone, or accessing social media and the internet. When he “feared arrogance,” as the Quran teaches, he beat her into submission.

Hussain managed to flee after Akram beat her with hammers twice, first for 10 minutes and again in a 60- minute sustained attack. Her neighbors hid her in their home and called the police, resulting in Akram’s arrest.

Although Akram pleaded guilty to assault causing bodily harm, the Cardi Crown Court sentenced him to just 15 months in jail and dismissed Hussain’s request to deport him, according to The Sun. Despite knowing that Akram married his wife solely for a visa, the court will allow him to remain in Britain as an asylum seeker.

“The judge could have said he is to be deported but didn’t. There are so many reasons why he should be deported,” Hussain said. “He is an asylum seeker but actually went out of the country last year. He has the stamps on his passport, how can they let an asylum go there, come back and continue life as normal. I was pregnant at home, he left and broke the baby’s money box and went to Pakistan partying, he was there for three weeks.”

Hussain miraculously survived the attacks with severe bruising and cuts to both arms, her back, and fingers. She has led for divorce but will, unfortunately, be in danger once Akram is released from prison.

“The prosecution says he was expecting her to have made him food. That was the genesis for the argument that ensued,” prosecutor Stephen Donoghue said. “The prosecution say he completely lost his temper and started to talk about teaching her a lesson, how to be a good wife. He then picked up one of the hammers and began hitting her, she put her arms above her head to protect herself. The prosecution says that she was pleading with him to stop, telling him that he was hurting her. He said ‘you’ve had your chance to be a good wife.’

Perhaps the most disturbing detail of the case is that Akram had already been convicted of beating his wife in 2015. After this more severe attack, the court is still unwilling to deport him.

Thanks to the political progress liberals are making in the UK, Muslims are bringing their brutal anti-feminism to Britain without fear of being challenged. They easily claim that because these inhumane practices are part of their religion and culture, Westerners must accept and adhere to their abuses.

Mohsin Akram, 21 (Left) Illustration (Right)
Mohsin Akram, 21 (Left) Illustration (Right)


Sources: Daily Mail

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