• June 25, 2024

Muslim Pulls Knife On Guy Making Beer Run, Discovers Allah’s No Match For Booze [VIDEO]

 Muslim Pulls Knife On Guy Making Beer Run, Discovers Allah’s No Match For Booze [VIDEO]

A infidel man was almost stabbed because of drinking beer during Ramadan was caught on cam.

While a man was leaving the grocery store with a 6-pack of beer under one arm, he looked up to see a man approaching him. However, as soon as the thug took a knife from his robe to stab him for drinking during Ramadan, he quickly discovered that he was outmatched by the infidel and his beverage of choice.

And this is the difference between Islamic law and Jewish law or Christian law. Jewish law pertains only to Jews. Canon law only to Catholics. But Islamic law, sharia, asserts its authority over non-Muslims.

Although so-called moderate Muslims assure us that there is no compulsion in Islam, unsuspecting victims find time and time again that Sharia law is not only commanded for worshippers but all mankind. While religious minorities are forced to obey Sharia in Islamic countries, Muslims in the West must intimidate and terrorize unbelievers into submitting to their religious legislation. Unfortunately, one devout Muslim found out that not every infidel is willing to bow to Islamic mandates so easily.

According to online newspaper Le Point, a man was leaving Monoprix supermarket in the 13th municipality of Paris when he became the target of jihad. The unnamed man was captured on surveillance footage walking out of the supercenter when an unidentified Muslim man pulled a large knife from his djellaba, a robe traditionally worn by Arab and North African men, and lunges at the beer-toting infidel.

In what could be described as a miracle, the man dodges the Muslim’s advances, ducking just in time for the blade to miss his neck, barely grazing his back. The victim’s confidante then grabs the Muslim attacker by the throat and shoves him back as they too narrowly avoid being slashed.

The utter rejection of Islamic oppression and embrace of Western freedoms is perhaps best symbolized when the victim realizes he’s unhurt and turns to check on his beer bottles since he dropped them.

French media report that it was merely thanks to the victim’s quick reflexes and the bold reaction from his friends that saved him from possible death. However, it could be speculated that because it is the month of Ramadan and the man has been identified as a Muslim resident, his pathetic attack and timid retreat may have been due to daily fasting. Of course, these infidels were intimidating on their own, as all 3 of them seem to be unfazed by the failed jihadist’s long knife, despite being unarmed themselves.

Fortunately, they escaped with no more than minor scratches, serving as reminders of the moment they thwarted an Islamic terrorist attack. Their dauntless determination speaks volumes, especially since France has been flooded with Muslim migrants and emasculated liberal men.

The 3rd Judicial Police District (DPJ) confirms that the Muslim suspect was born in December 1996 in Paris. He has reportedly never been suspected of terrorist activity, and they still aren’t considering terror charges for his failed attempt. As expected, the police and media are playing the populace for fools, insisting that they have no motive.

It’s very likely that the Muslim suspect took the Quran’s violent commands to heart at no better time than the holiest month in Islam. During Ramadan, Muslims are required to abstain from eating, drinking, sex, and festivities at least until after sundown. Although this is an Islamic holiday, religious minorities living under Sharia are most often forced to take part in the compulsions out of “respect” for Islam. Those who do not fast, close their businesses, or refrain from un-Islamic activities during the month are subjected to cruel and sometimes deadly legal or social repercussions.

Although many Westerners are still blissfully unaware of just how compulsory Islam is, many are discovering these obligations too late. For example, European women are being attacked for wearing jeans or skirts as Muslims are commanded in 33:59 to not only force their wives and daughters to cover themselves but also the unbelieving women they take captive. Sadly, these women are often attacked or raped without anyone to fight for their honor.

The Quran orders Muslims to fight against the unbelievers until there is no more disbelief and all submit to Islam. Until then, it states that Muslims are at war with non-Muslims, even if they are peaceful, respectful, tolerant liberals. Fortunately, as the video proves, there are still a few strapping, brawny infidels who aren’t willing to give up even a brewski to appease these religious zealots.


Sources: www.madworldnews.com

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