Muslim Gang Drugs & Rapes Woman Several, Leaves Nasty ‘Gift’ Behind [VIDEO]

A young mother from Sunderland had allegedly been kidnapped and violently gang-raped by six men. The sexual assault reportedly only ceased when she managed to escape.

Law enforcement arrested the six men. All were refugees from Syria, Iraq, and Bahrain. However, they were never even tried in court. Instead, they were released; the authorities are no longer pursuing an investigation.

Chelsey Wright is that mother of three. She was out for a night with her friends and after taking a drink, she blacked out, only to awaken in a room naked except for her underwear. There was a strange man in the room who laughed at her, she said. She stated that she tried to flee and only managed to escape the room when another man opened the door.

Chelsey stated she tried to flee, but the unknown assailant wouldn’t let her out of the room, beating her and laughing at her attempts to escape. She says she was then pinned against the wall by her arms and was told that her throat would be slit. Then that she was kicked down a flight of stairs and dragged back up by her hair. Eventually, she managed to break free and run from the house.

Wright was examined and it was determined she had been raped by at least six men. The police raided the house and arrested all of the suspects.

She described the ordeal on social media, “…the next thing I remember is waking up in a strange house with no memory of how she got there. Waking up in only her knickers to next to a man she did not know. My head was pinned against the door.”

Multiple witnesses came forward testifying that they heard Chelsey’s screams as the men tried to keep her trapped in the house. Many saw her flee, almost naked, down the streets of Sunderland.

As supporters called for a trial, the men were released on bail. When it was announced there would be no charges, the British authorities moved the Middle Eastern men to a safe house and later released them.

This led to a massive demonstration in Sunderland. Wright shared her story with onlookers. The demonstration turned violent as protesters threw trash cans at the house where Wright alleges she had been taken.

Despite the outcry, the police are no longer actively pursuing the case and have dropped it indefinitely. The mainstream media in England are calling Wright’s supporters members of the far right, implying they are racist and xenophobic. This has only led to a swelling of support for Wright, who has decided to be brave and not hide under the veil of anonymity.

Wright and her supporters are furious at the apathy of the British authorities. They are putting pressure on the Independent Police and Crime Commissioner Vera Baird DBE to begin a full investigation into her ordeal. Her supporters created a petition to address the officials in Sunderland and are planning another public demonstration for May 13.

Sources: Mad World News

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