Muslim Caught and Arrested For Hate Crime Graffiti Blames It On The Jews [VIDEO]

Following an investigation into the drawing of swastikas and writing of “KKK” on a college campus on Tuesday, Nassau County Police placed 20-year-old Jasskirat Saini under arrest.

When Saini was questioned as to why he wrote “Germany” and “Heil Hitler” across the college campus, accompanied by hundreds of swastikas, he told police his motivation was because he felt mistreated by the Jewish community in his area.

According to ABC7 the swastikas were first found at Nassau Community College on a men’s bathroom on Saturday Oct. 15th and later that month several more were found. Two more incidents of swastika graffiti have been reported this month. It was on Tuesday when Nassau County Police found Saini Tuesday writing two swastikas on the exterior of a building and “KKK” on the floor of another.

Saini is being charged with Aggravated Harassment and according to ABC7 this charge is in connection with 110 anti-Semitic drawings.

Initial media coverage of the discovery of swastikas tied it to the election of Donald Trump.

From The Long Island Press:

“Although three of the incidents occurred before Nov. 8, the latest discovery has further troubled minority and Jewish groups amid a surge of hate crimes across the country following the election of Donald Trump.”

The Long Island Press also quoted Robert Solomon, chairman of the Jewish community relations council of Long Island, who said, “It seems to me that since the election there hasn’t been a day when…I haven’t seen something in the paper.” Solomon then added, “whether it’s under the guise of alt-right or nationalism or Brexit, or whatever you call it, things are happening that are inciting the passions of those people in this country.”

The Daily Caller has previously reported on the wave of hate crime hoaxes following Trump’s election. A Muslim woman admitted last week to fabricating a hoax that she had been harassed by a group of Trump supporters.


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