Mugger Tries to Rob Petite Blonde and Pays the Price [VIDEO]

The say that good things come in small packages.  The same must be true for dangerous packages.  A woman exited a store and was set upon by an armed robber.  Using her purse, she deflected the gun to the side and promptly laid one on the mugger that even Ajax couldn’t take off.

 Because he thought it would be easy to target the small blonde woman, he didn’t bring his buddy along for backup. Perhaps he should have brought his whole gang, because this lady had the guts to fight back and win.

In the surveillance clip, you’ll first see the woman leaving the building and walking toward her car. That’s when an unidentified man approaches her from behind and holds a gun up to her head.

He is probably saying something like, “Don’t move or I’ll shoot” or “Move and you’ll see your brains splattered on the side of this SUV.” Either way, having a gun to her head is a terrifying predicament. But she doesn’t let that stop her from showing him who’s boss.

Unfazed by the loaded weapon, the angry woman immediately hits the robber with her purse. But she doesn’t stop there. She then launches a furry of punches and kicks to ultimate knock the robber to his knees and to the ground.

Although the video is in black and white, you can see everything that happens. And you’ll want to pay attention to the details because this armed robber deserves the harsh beating he receives.

The robbery occurs a few second into the clip. You’ll see the woman go into the car and then get out of it. The robber comes up running and then points the gun at her. She first puts her hands up in a regular defensive maneuver.

Because he thinks he has her scared, he lowers his defenses. That’s when she swings the purse at him. When he is disabled, she then kicks him in the groin. He falls to his knees. Then she finishes off the robber with a hard knee right to his jaw. He’s left sprawling on the concrete as she flees the scene and gets help.



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