MSNBC Panel Gangs Up On Ex-SEAL Trump Supporter — HE DESTROYED THEM

Things got heated between Carl Higbie and Louise Mensch on MSNBC Tuesday morning.

Mensch — who earlier in the broadcast suggested Mike Flynn’s behavior could lead to President Trump’s impeachment — blamed the retired Navy SEAL for defending the White House.

“There’s a picture on Instagram of the guy with the nuclear football,” she shot at Higbie. “Hello? This is the guy with the nuclear football. Are you okay with that? You literally never, ever seem to admit that Donald Trump has done anything wrong.”

“So hold on, it’s not OK to take a picture of the guy with the nuclear football?” Higbie countered.

“Oh, I’m sorry. His identity shouldn’t be secret?” Mensch pressed onward. “Here’s the guy who normally carries around the nuclear football. You don’t think that’s a security risk?”

Higbie responded with a question of his own.

“I don’t know. Did you not see the 40 guys around him with guns that are well capable of defending them?”


E. Goldstein

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