MSNBC Hired New Reporter, HE IMMEDIATELY Tried To Get Wall Funding Shut Down!

One of the more maddening things about the border wall debate is the way that liberals seem to want to make the whole issue appear.

They do not want it for one moment to look like it’s an issue of border security which it happens to be. It’s like if we were to pass a law whether or not we were all allowed to have locks on our doors or not.

However, liberals want to make it an issue of race which they seemingly do with glee every chance that they get. The point of it is, you put as many security measures as you would reasonably need in a particular area. The more security that’s needed, the more measures that need to be taken. It’s the reason why a town like Derby Line, Vermont that happens to have the town literally cut in half by the United States and Canada didn’t even have any kind of border checkpoints until sometime in the past few years.

Via Conservative Tribune:

The Washington Post, for as much intractable eye-rolling as their “Democracy Dies in Darkness” schtick tends to induce, hasn’t quite been relegated to this status. Neither, in fact, has MSNBC — even though Joy Reid is a staple of their weekend broadcasting schedule.

I mention this because, on Thursday, Tony Romm was announced as an MSNBC contributor. He’s also been ensconced at The Post for some time. And he thinks that a GoFundMe campaign to help finance the wall is against the site’s terms of service because they prohibit “intolerance of any kind.”

So, first, here’s Romm being announced as MSNBC’s latest flapping head:

On the same day, Romm decided to tweet about an effort to raise money for the border wall via GoFundMe, a campaign started by a man named Brian Kolfage.

Romm decided it was time to celebrate by calling Kolfage an incorrigible bigot.

“So there’s an effort on GoFundMe to raise cash money for a border wall. Has more than $5M in donations (seeking $1B) and claims to have contacts in the Trump admin (have asked for more). But it got me thinking: is that, like, allowed on the site? (1/3),” Romm wrote.



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