MSM Newspaper Caught Openly Making Up Stories!

Well, lookie what we have here.

Finally, after months, wait that is not long enough—-YEARS, the truth is coming out.

For years, the left has been using its media outlets to spread misinformation and push outright lies, then accuse conservatives of being the bearers of untruths.

The hypocrisy is disgusting.

However, it appears that we are finally getting somewhere it just took forever to see it.

Just last week, USA Today was forced to remove 23 stories from its website after they were revealed to be complete fabrications.

The stories were authored by Gabriela Miranda who has since resigned from her position at the outlet.

In case you were not aware, USA Today is one of the fact-checkers that social media giants such as Facebook uses to “stop the spread of misinformation.”

How can they possibly be determining the ‘truth’ for the public if this is the shameless state of affairs at their outlet? Are they going to face some sort of sanctions for their spread of misinformation from these social media companies?

Is Gabriella Miranda all that unique? How many others do they have at USA Today doing something similar but haven’t been caught yet?

Personally, I don’t think we are going to see them face punishment; they’re going to go on writing fake articles about ‘white nationalism’ and ‘domestic terrorism’ while continuing to call us ‘misinformation’ outlets.

Here’s what we currently know:

The New York Post sounded the alarm:

Miranda’s most recent news story for USA Today is dated April 17.

According to the bio on her website, Miranda was assigned to cover “trending news nationwide” while at USA Today.

Before being hired by USA Today, she covered education and the Hispanic community with the Gainesville Times in Georgia.

USA Today has since removed the fabricated publications:

After receiving an external correction request, USA TODAY audited the reporting work of Gabriela Miranda. The audit revealed that some individuals quoted were not affiliated with the organizations claimed and appeared to be fabricated.

The existence of other individuals quoted could not be independently verified. In addition, some stories included quotes that should have been credited to others.

As a result, USA TODAY removed 23 articles from its website and other platforms for not meeting our editorial standards.

It will be interesting to see how this shakes out, but I would not count on seeing fact-checkers being abandoned just yet.



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