Mr Entitled Driver Meet Mrs Instant Karma [VIDEO]

Some people would not prefer to be at late at the Golden Gate rather than being on time in hell. This driver is one of those. He rides up on the tailgate of the car ahead of him, in an effort to make him move over, but when he steps on the brakes instead, everything changes. He pays the price for his impatience.

Here in the United States, we have a rampant car culture and love affair with the automobile that we have proudly celebrated for more than a century. We build some of the best cars, have some of the most amazing highways, and everyone one is a perfect driver.

Okay, maybe that last one was a bit of a stretch. But as we all know, the primary rule of the road is “I am an excellent driver, but everyone else is a nitwit.” And to prove that rule, we just found an awesome video captured by a Wisconsin truck driver of a tailgater getting brake checked by his victim. You are going to be amazed by this video.

A Wisconsin truck driver captured a serious case of road rage on his dashcam recently. In the video, an SUV comes barrelling down on a driver in the left hand lane of highway 41 in Little Chute, Wisconsin. After a few seconds of aggressive tailgating, the driver gets the shock of his life when the victim checks his brakes. The SUV loses control and goes off road before coming to rest in a ditch.

Needless to say, this video has gotten the internet’s shorts in a bunch, as people take to social media to express their opinions of their fellow drivers, saying things like:

“No way I’m waiting to get bashed from behind if I need to maneuver quickly. That wasn’t even a strong brake check! The jackass wasn’t paying attention and overreacted. I doubt the fool learned anything though.”- Bigerat57

“Where would you like the guy to go? Into the other lane where someone is merging onto the freeway? I’m just thinking that would be a stupid move don’t you? Simple said tailgating assholes are simply that, assholes who think they own the road.”- Dertred 9178

“So you think attempted murder is acceptable. If that car would’ve rolled and maybe they were kids in it and someone died. You think it is all OK. You can always decelerate and just take your foot off the gas. Leaving the scene of an accident makes them wrong again.”- Dahlsrider


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