• July 16, 2024

Motorists Observe Violent Scenario Unfolding, Then Quickly Realize What’s Happening

 Motorists Observe Violent Scenario Unfolding, Then Quickly Realize What’s Happening

Footage reveals a female driver stopping traffic on what is believed to be a busy American road to beat another woman up (video below).

The woman kicks and punches her female passenger, calling her a “b****” and a “h**” for nearly a minute, while the driver behind films the attack, reports Daily Mail.

Her victim does not fight back, but instead lies on the ground attempting to protect her head from the blows.

Instead of helping the woman, onlookers cheered the attacker on; others laughed.

Eventually a car honks loudly. The scene temporarily disappears from view before the viewer can see the victim is now on her feet, while the driver returns to her car.

Many on social media were shocked by the video, condemning the onlookers who did not help.

“I’m disgusted by watching this and this turd’s actions but I am even more disturbed at the fact that these morons were filming and cheering instead of helping the victim,” commented on individual on Daily Mail’s article. “Like another user said, what if it was her daughter? Society just keeps flushing itself down a clogged toilet. DISGUSTING.”

“We are so devoid of human emotions that it is expected that intervening is not the norm,” added another. “Filming it and posting it on the internet has become the standard for any fight. So sad.”

Yet some defended the driver.

“She wouldn’t have done this without a good reason,” wrote another user. “She must have been provoked or reason to be angry, so fair enough. People don’t just beat people up for no reason.”

However, that user is in the minority; most were appalled by the driver’s behavior.

“Too bad this woman wasn’t arrested, hope someone got her license plate number in that video,” wrote one user. “What’s wrong with these people?”

If the video took place in America, it wouldn’t be the first of its kind.

In February 2017, many were taken aback after footage revealed two groups of scantily-clad women physically assaulting each other in the street in Austin, Texas.

Even when police tried to use pepper spray to break up the fight, the women continued beating each other up.

“Their parents must be so proud of their lovely offspring,” one commentator joked in response to the video.

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