Mother’s Groups Rejoicing: MICHELLE MEALS DECLARED DEAD!

When my son was going through middle school and high school it was during that period of time where Michelle Obama had to stick her nos ein where in didn’t belong on school lunches.

To say she kicked over a hornet’s nest for many American families would be an understatement of epic proportions.

When my son had to switch middle schools due to a move it was still in Obama’s first term and after his first day at the new school he began telling me on the way home about how great the lunches were and how they had all these different kinds of great things to eat.

They had a little pizza station, a sandwich station and it almost sounded like a school sized version of a food court at a shopping mall. Same thing when he first started high school a year and change later.

Then, the Michelle Meals started getting served and after school he began to more regularly ask for something to eat on the way home or right after we got home. It seemed a little bit strange because his lunch period was on the end half of the day so by the time we would pick him up he shouldn’t be that hungry.

He then started taking pictures of his lunches that he would get every day (that we paid for mind you) and that his friends started taking pictures. It was sickening to think that they were being asked to eat them and we were being asked to pay them.

Thankfully, with her out of the picture we don’t have to worry about this kind of nonsense anymore.

Via Daily Caller:

Julie Gunlock of The Independent Women’s Forum celebrated the reversal of former first lady Michelle Obama’s school lunch rules on “Fox & Friends” Monday, saying children will get more nourishment from the new menus.

“These reforms that went through in 2010 pushed by Michelle Obama, were well-intentioned, but in reality kids were not eating the food,” Gunlock said. “And we saw that there was a major food waste problem developing in some of these schools.”

The Independent Women’s Forum is a conservative non-profit focused on informing women about major economic and social issues throughout the country.

Gunlock claimed students were so unhappy with the quality of the food they began throwing the meals into the trash.

“Kids [were] taking entire trays and throwing them in the garbage,” she said. “One study said 60 percent of vegetables, 40 percent of fruit was just being tossed. In one L.A. County, the school made an arrangement with a homeless shelter to give the food because they had so much left because, again, kids were not eating the food. So these reforms are just to give school cafeteria workers essentially more flexibility to make the food tasty as well as nutritious.”

Co-host Ainsley Earhardt asked if it was wise to return to the old lunch menus simply because children didn’t enjoy the healthier options. Gunlock said detractors were blowing the issue out of proportion.


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