Mother Is Horrified After Seeing Red Marks On Her Son’s Body, Discovers Boyfriend’s Sick Secret

A woman left her son alone with her boyfriend and when the toddler soiled his pants, the boyfriend tossed him into the tub, he had filled with boiling hot water.  The boy was taken to the hospital, where doctors didn’t think he would make it through the night.  The kid is a battler and he made it through the night and appears he will live.  Unfortunately, he will have to have skin grafts and they don’t believe he will ever walk again.

 As a result of the burns, he was forced to use an N-tube, catheter and IV for weeks. Doctors informed his mother that he would never walk again, but with time and encouragement he was able to relearn. “I was really scared when I first saw his skin,” his mother, DJ Gilbert, told Mirror.

“It was bright red and white from where it was peeling off, large chunks of skin where missing. I found out he had third degree burns across half of his belly, all his waist, his genitals, butt and most of his legs. Doctors told me there was a chance he wouldn’t make it and that that if he did, he would need major skin grafting, as well as it being unlikely he would ever walk again.”

“They thought it was a miracle that he had made it through and survived. But due to the severity of his burns, his bowels and stomach were messed up,” the mother added.

“He couldn’t eat, drink, go to the bathroom on his own or anything – it was very hard to watch. He needed a feeding tube, an IV and a catheter for three weeks, even then he couldn’t eat solids for a long time. But he kept getting better and better, and despite being told he may never walk again he’s proved everyone wrong, he is a very strong little boy.”

This seems to be a never ending story.  I propose that sentencing be changed and the guilty party should get the same treatment he gave his victim.  It would get these creeps to stop and think for a minute.  Many may still do their evil crap but many will also deal with children differently.  It’s worth a try and you can turn a profit by putting it on pay per view.

H/T: The Sun

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