• July 23, 2024

Monkey’s Paw? How DeSantis’ Campaign Donation Boom May END His Campaign…

 Monkey’s Paw? How DeSantis’ Campaign Donation Boom May END His Campaign…

The 2024 presidential candidacy of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has serious financial difficulties.

40% of the $20 million the government raised in the second quarter has already been spent.

Even though you might believe there’s more where that came from, more than 90% of DeSantis’ contributors have already exceeded their contribution cap and are unable to contribute further until the general election.

This creates a serious cash flow issue that requires prompt attention.

DeSantis has failed to take advantage of former President Donald Trump’s indictment despite it.

According to polls, primary voters have remained loyal to Trump, while DeSantis’ favorability rating has decreased.

DeSantis has fallen below the 20 percent threshold in RCP’s poll average for the first time since mid-May, according to Axios. DeSantis’ staff recently attempted to reassure funders about the status of his presidential campaign in Tallahassee, Florida.

Since late March, when he recorded a split 39.3 percent favorable rating, DeSantis’ negative rating among prospective voters has been steadily rising.

The period following his announcement of a bid for 2024 in late May is included in the decrease in public perception.

It is significant to note that analysts stress the campaign’s first phases.

The DeSantis team is undergoing a strategic rethink as a result of the financial constraints since financing is diminishing and there is less chance of generating sizable sums in the near future. In order to connect with voters, the campaign is moving away from big, expensive rallies and toward a more personal style.

DeSantis will place more emphasis on interacting with people in intimate gatherings at neighborhood locations like town halls, community centers, and churches rather than expensive celebrations.

Unfortunately, the financial pressure has already resulted in the firing of about a dozen campaign workers, severely depleting team morale.

A source who was present when staff members were let go, according to NBC, claimed that “the entire campaign is on the brink.”

Some of these staff members are anticipated to land new jobs with the well-funded pro-DeSantis super PAC Never Back Down, though.

It’s interesting to note that Never Back Down has just released a new ad in Iowa that has garnered attention for its use of an artificial intelligence (AI) voice to recreate Donald Trump and DeSantis’ prior spat.

DeSantis is contemplating making additional guest appearances as well to ease the stress of managing several events.

With this strategy, the campaign can make an effort to maintain its course despite anticipated financial difficulties.

The clock is running out for DeSantis as he tries to steady his campaign. The team must move quickly to collect the required money for the next primary debates and important stages of the contest because significant impediments are on the horizon.

The stakes are enormous, and DeSantis must balance competing against other opponents while preserving his momentum while battling the seemingly unstoppable Donald J. Trump.

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