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Mom Was Mortified When She Sees Son Come Home From School Without Pants

 Mom Was Mortified When She Sees Son Come Home From School Without Pants

A Washington state mother went to meet her son at the neighborhood bus stop like she did every afternoon. But this day was different. She was horrified to see that her crying boy was not wearing any pants. She immediately ran over to her sobbing child as the bus quickly drove away. She needed to know what happened. Then she saw what was hanging down between his legs…


The boy had been forced to wear a pullup diaper. The mother, who has asked to remain anonymous, called his school, Mint Valley Elementary in Longview, demanding answers. The boy was too distraught to answer her questions clearly.

The school administrators beat around the bush and refused to really describe the mysterious event that had left her boy pants-less and wearing an embarrassing diaper.

The Mint Valley Elementary school has come under fire before for using mediaeval punishments, like housing children with special needs in boxes. Now this boy’s foster mother wants to know why his pants were removed and he was forced to wear a sagging, soiled diaper in front of his peers.

The school choose to disregard her concerns…

Because the boy was well beyond the age of diapers, the foster mother was shocked the elementary school forced him to wear one to class. Didn’t the teacher find it strange? Who would do this and why?

Eventually, the mother learned the mundane truth. The boy had had a classroom accident, wetting himself. But instead of offering the boy a change of underwear, they removed his pants and forced him into a saggy diaper.

The boy was then sent out of the office on a walk of shame in front of his jeering peers and onto the bus home.

What makes this worse, is that the boy is already at a disadvantage. He has a learning disability and is a foster child, the bullies at school didn’t need any more ammunition to deride this poor boy. But the administrators force fed them new fodder when they clad this child in nothing but a diaper.

Administrators refused to comment on the boy’s mistreatment. But eventually spokesperson Sandy Catt of Longview Public Schools admitted the school failed to follow protocol for an incident that happens frequently in elementary schools – bathroom accidents.

“Typical protocol would be that the child would be cleaned up and outfitted with some sort of unisex loaner sweats or something like that,” Catt told KOIN 6 News. “That protocol was not followed, and from a district level we have investigated that.”

It is unclear who made the decision to send a boy home wearing nothing but a diaper. It seems cruel and unusual and totally lacking in common sense.

The community and the boy’s foster mother are both outraged, Catt admitted that the district has launched an investigation and the superintendent has been made aware of the situation.

Do you think someone should be fired for sending the boy home in nothing but a diaper?

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