Mom Starves 5yo Son So Badly He Weighs Only 29 Pounds, Then It Gets So Much Worse [WATCH]

A Wisconsin couple is being held on suspicion they intentionally starved and abused their 5-year-old son, who weighed just 29 pounds when he was admitted to a hospital.

Bradley and Kimberly Fahrenkrug were charged in Brown County Circuit Court with first degree reckless injury, causing mental harm to a child, first degree recklessly endangering safety, child neglect resulting in great bodily harm and false imprisonment.

A prosecutor said the couple’s abuse of the boy resulted in several visits to hospitals since October 2016 for malnutrition and “refeeding syndrome” — a condition in which the body experiences metabolic disturbances from the reintroduction of nutrients from food after previously being in starvation mode.

Brown County Sheriff’s Office investigators became involved in the case after they were contacted by American Family Children’s Hospital in Madison, where the boy was being treated for malnutrition.

Bradley Fahrenkrug told police the boy is prone to violent fits, and sometimes would refuse to eat.

“I guess I don’t want to say that Kim and I began to withhold food away from (the child) but we began to portion it out so that he would not get sick. We did not want him to gag which is what he would do when he would overeat,” Bradley is quoted as saying. “I believe that he may be manipulating the nurses now to get more food. He is really smart. I am not worried about him getting extra food now, I am worried about his behavior.”

He said they sought treatment for the boy, who they adopted, and noted that they did not have the same behavioral issues with their biological children.

However, police noted “he has not shown any of the behavior claimed by Kimberly and Bradley and appears to be a normal 5 year old with appropriate behaviors,” the complaint states.

A $100,000 cash bond was set for both parents.

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Video Credit: Youtube/News Hashmi

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