Mom Notices Red Marks On Her Son — Horrified To Learn Boyfriend’s Sick Secret [VIDEO]

A little boy has defied doctors and relearned to walk after surviving third-degree burns from his mother’s monstrous boyfriend.

In Kansas City, Missouri, a 2-year-old soiled his pants, tragically, the man watching him at the time decided that an appropriate punishment would be to throw the child into a tub of boiling water. Daniel Rose, 32, was watching his girlfriend’s son Korbin when the incident occurred in 2013.

According to reports, the toddler’s mother, DJ Gilbert, was at work. Korbin sustained third-degree burns on his little body and spent three weeks in the hospital with a catheter, an IV, and an N-tube – all of which helped to keep him alive.

The burns caused damage to Korbin’s bowels and stomach, which meant he couldn’t drink, eat, or go to the bathroom without assistance.

Doctors feared that Korbin would never walk again, but with time and patience, Korbin has overcome!

Gilbert said Korbin’s skin was bright red and had patches of white where it was peeling off. Korbin had third-degree burns on his genitals, butt, most of his legs and around his waist.

Rose was arrested and sentenced to 12 years in jail for first-degree assault. Gilbert was shocked that Rose did this, she claims there had been no red flags.

At first, Rose even lied about what happened, he said that Korbin had a ‘rash.’ Gilbert knew better when she saw the shocking images of her son’s body.

Gilbert stated that Rose had once been in the military and had thought he was trustworthy – she had known him for fifteen years but had only been dating him for a few months when the incident occurred.


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