• July 15, 2024

Mom Has MetroPCS Babysit Her 9-Year-Old Daughter And Gets Hit With Her Worst Nightmare

 Mom Has MetroPCS Babysit Her 9-Year-Old Daughter And Gets Hit With Her Worst Nightmare

A mom in Virginia claims her 9-year-old daughter was sexually assaulted by a MetroPCS employee while she was at a nearby gym.

According to 13 News Now, the mother left her daughter at the MetroPCS store to play with some of the electronics while she took a class at a shop called Direct Nutrition.

Apparently there are a lot of bad parents who dump their kids at this store so that they don’t have to pay for babysitting.

The mother in question has reportedly been leaving her daughter in the store for about a year.  She should be charged for abandonment and child endangerment for each offense.

At some point during that year, according to police, 36-year-old Gerardo Israel Strauss began taking the 9-year-old girl into the back of the store, where he had assembled some bedding, and sexually assaulted her.

By April, the girl told a school counselor about the ongoing molestation.

At this time, investigators don’t know exactly how long the inappropriate behavior has been going on, but they say Strauss had plenty of time to groom the girl.

“We see this a lot in sexual assault cases with offenders taking a long time to groom their victims, so maybe just with the continued pattern of dropping kids off there, that gave him time to kind of think this out,” said Officer James McLellan, Public Information officer for Irving Police.

Because the girl’s mother was right next door and she never knowingly exposed her to the abuse, she is not currently facing any neglect charges, though she should.  How difficult would it be to have the child sitting and waiting in the same building the mother is in?

Meanwhile, Strauss is facing aggravated sexual assault charges.

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