Mom FURIOUS After School Bus Left Her 7-Year-Old Daughter On Side of The Road

A suburban mother wants answers after her second grader wound up in a gas station alone after she got on the wrong school bus.

Britney Stevens says she thought her 7-year-old daughter Kamiya was in an after school care in Palatine Tuesday afternoon. But she was told her daughter had not gotten on bus that brings her from Central Road Elementary School to the after-care.

When Stevens reached the Rolling Meadow’s school she was told Kamiya got on the wrong bus and the driver let her off.

Kamiya boarded a yellow school district bus rather than a kinder-care bus. But instead of returning her to the school, the district bus driver let her off at the side of the road.

“They told me she got on the wrong bus and the principal was meeting her at the gas station,” Britney said.

The school district, Community Consolidated School District 15, acknowledged that this was “not a safe situation” and told WGN News that the Central Road principal worked with the Stevens family to develop a safety plan.

The school is going to put a tag on Kamiya’s bookbag that says which bus she should get on and there will be an adult to direct her.

The district says it is reviewing why the bus driver left the girl.

E. Goldstein

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