Military Whistleblower Just Went On Television & Started Naming Names [WATCH]

It hasn’t been that long ago when the world watched as “President” Joe Biden botched the Afghanistan withdrawal. The entire scene was embarrassing but that paled in comparison to the anger the majority of Americans felt when we witnessed Americans being left behind.

One Marine if you remember, was fired for condemning military brass for botching up the entire Afghanistan withdrawal.

Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller has been quiet for a moment but now he is back and he is naming names.

Scheller appeared on Megyn Kelly’s podcast, where he called out the military leaders who he claims are responsible for the disaster in Afghanistan that resulted in the death of 13 American heroes and countless innocent people.


Scheller says that the biggest blame for the disaster goes to Marine General Frank McKenzie, the U.S. Central Command boss.

Bizpacreview reported on what Scheller said:

“If I was Joe Biden, I would say ‘the buck stops with me;’ if I was Gen. McKenzie, I would say that the ‘buck stops with me.’ If I was [SecDef] Lloyd Austin, I would say ‘the buck stops with me.’…all three have shirked responsibility,” Scheller said.

“My position is once the generals, Gen. McKenzie specifically…when he recommended to the president that we should have 2,500 troops, there was a responsibility for the military advisor to get the boss to take his plan…so he failed in that ‘soft diplomacy’…so at that point, Gen. McKenzie had a choice. He could have resigned…he had a moral responsibility to resign,” he told Megyn Kelly on the latter’s podcast.

The context for that portion of the discussion was the disastrous decision by Joe Biden to abandon the well-fortified Bagram Air Base for the evacuation.

“I’ve been to Bagram Air Base…it’s hard to even fathom if you’ve never been there how big and important and critical this was. You could have done that whole evacuation and maintained security and never had a problem,” Scheller  said, in reference to the requested 2,500 troops to keep the base open.

Operation planners submitted plans to the Biden administration to maintain Bagram, but the Biden and his inner circle instead decided to close down Bagram, he explained, “because they wanted to shrink the force in Afghanistan very quickly.”

Scheller also revealed that the military imposed a gag order on him for four months, but now that he is speaking out, McKenzie is “racing for the exits.”

“But [McKenzie] didn’t [resign], so he obviously thought, based on the restraints that he had, he could pull off the plan. In my opinion, at that point, he is responsible. He is the military guy that’s in charge of that plan doing the withdrawal. He doesn’t get to go back, after the fact, which is what he did, and so, ‘no, I told the president 2,5000, and he didn’t listen to me.’

“Well, you didn’t resign, did you Frank, and you didn’t get him to agree to your plan, did you Frank, so guess what? You’re responsible at this point. It just kind of breaks my heart that this is where we’re at, we’re looking at these general officers, their plans were obviously failing, and we don’t have anyone saying, ‘hey, we messed this up.’”

You can watch the video below:

It’s really ironic, isn’t it?


The botched Afghanistan mess, where 13 brave heroes dead, not to mention all the civilians who died, and the drone Joe unleashed that killed a family with all those young kids, and nobody was fired or held accountable.

However, the Democrats want to hold candlelight vigils for themselves over January 6th.

It’s disgusting, right?

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