Mike Lindell Is Set To Drop a BOMBSHELL Video On Friday That Shows Voter Fraud

 Mike Lindell Is Set To Drop a BOMBSHELL Video On Friday That Shows Voter Fraud

The mainstream media and tech giants in America have really done their best to shut down anyone who supports President Trump. These power-hungry behemoths in the media industry have been on the warpath since Sleepy Joe Biden successfully stole the election and now they are helping with the cover-up.

Over the last several weeks, we have seen Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube remove President Trump, Mike Lindell, and countless other social media accounts to silence the opposition. Which all of those actions must have you wonder what in the world are they so afraid of?

Let’s be honest with one another, shall we?

If you knew that you won something fair and square why would you need to nuke every account that claims you did otherwise? Now, these leftist morons claim it is to create unity and not spread disinformation but that is not for them to decide. In fact, that is for the people to decide, correct?

Now the censorship has become so bad that even NewsMax has jumped on the bandwagon and censoring MyPillow CEO, Mike Lindell and it really has to make you wonder what that is all about.

Don’t worry, guys I will be making my point soon enough.

In case you missed what I am talking about, was an interview on NewsMax Tuesday, that spiraled into blatant censorship.

Here is where it began:

The interview received massive backlash which then prompted NewsMax to invite Lindell on again.

The interview avoided discussion about Dominion, which is the reason why Lindell was banned from Twitter — and what caused the previous segment to spiral.

Here’s the full interview if you would like to see it.

Ok, now that you have gotten the clear context of this censorship of Lindell it does make sense why they would be cutting him off.

Mike Lindell told Rob Schmitt that he will release a video on Friday on the 2020 election.

Yup, he is releasing a bombshell video that shows the rampant voter fraud and how the CCP was involved in it. Lindell goes on to say they can show the votes being switched from Trump to Biden and that is something that the liberal media does not want anyone to see.

Now, you may be saying that NewsMax is a conservative platform but if they were, why would they silence someone who is on their side? It has to make you wonder and with this bombshell video being released on Friday, it makes more sense why they would.

Watch the video here:

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