Migrant Kids Sexually Assault Little Girl, School Excuses It With These 5 Words

At a school in Sweden, an innocent 9-year-old girl, was sexually assaulted and routinely attacked by migrant children, and the family had to be the ones to report the incident to police.


The school would not report the crime, merely excusing the attack by saying the girl was targeted because “she is blonde and sweet.”

The child told her parents about the attacks, including the horrible names she was called by the migrants. Going home didn’t fix the problem. Instead, the boys would run her home from school and threaten to “pick her,” meaning sexually assault her once again.

One day in the cafeteria, one of the students pulled down her clothing and moved against her in a sexual manner while all the other children were watching. When the parents went to the school in an outrage, the school explained it away.

The only thing the school did was offer to drive the girl home so she did not have to ride on the bus. The parents have met with officials from the school several times. When the school refused to report the attack, the parents went to the police themselves. Eventually, the parents changed school districts to protect their innocent daughter from the horrible abuse of these migrants.

Now the school is being investigated by child services because they refused to address the situation. This poor girl was subjected to abuse because she was a female, at the hands of these violent migrant boys, and no one has even been charged yet.

Neither will the mainstream media report that these boys are migrants, even though the school is using the excuse of “cultural diversity” for the attack. But this is not the only attack, there are tons of Muslims attacking and raping women and girls in Europe.

In their culture, it is okay to do this because their god, Allah, has “given” blonde women and girls to Muslims as sex slaves. The children must be aware of this horrible behavior committed in their home country, and maybe even by their family members.

Sweden is plagued with many crimes of this nature, and is now considered the rape capital of the West. The reality is that 1 in every 4 women in the country will be raped or otherwise sexually assaulted, which is 500 percent more sexual assaults than were committed before the migrants came to the country. This is the message we need to make sure people in this country understand.

This problem is spreading around the world, in every country where these migrants are squatting. They believe that women are property, who are to be controlled and maintained by men. This is what America and the rest of the world is saying is “okay.”

Rape and sexual assault of our women cannot be tolerated! These heinous crimes need to be punished, and these migrants need to go back to their own countries.

Sources: MadWorldNews

Rafael Smith

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