Michigan Muslim Tells Cops to “Get on Ground and Bow Before Allah” Then Lunges With Sword In Hand [VIDEO]

America much like the rest of the world has been facing an increasing threat from Muslim extremists. There doesn’t seem to be a day that doesn’t go by that we don’t hear about some brutal attack taking place all in the name of “allah”. It’s a very real problem and we have to face the facts that it is us against them. Michigan, in particular, has become flooded with Muslim migrants leaving American citizens in a dangerous spot.

According to The Gateway Pundit:

Michigan Muslim convert Abdul-Latif Ketchman told police to “get down on the ground and bow before Allah.” Then he lunged at police with a sword.

The local media omitted that the man was a Muslim convert in their original reports.

Pamela Geller wrote this on the attack:

The jihadi’s name is Abdul-Latif Ketchman, a convert, but you will find none of that in news reports. News headlines only refer to his Christian name. A commenter exposed his Facebook page and his actual name. Abdul-Latif came at police with a knife and sword over his head.

Telling victims to bow down before his god, etc. But no connection made by local media. Courts wonder if he is even competent? From what does he suffer? That now worldwide mental affliction — piety in Islam. The defendant says he is competent…he’s just following the Quran..

Ann Arbor police Detective William Stanford and Washtenaw Sheriff’s Lt. Mike Trester described the SWAT shooting on Jan. 13, 2017, of Rodger Ketchman, 33, of Ypsilanti at his July 20, 2017 hearing.

Source: Gateway Pundit

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