Michelle Malkin SCHOOLED Liberal Idiots On “The View” On Obama’s Lies [VIDEO]

For those of our followers who aren’t familiar with Michelle Malkin, she is a Fox News contributor as well as an author, blogger, and conservative columnist whose work appears on numerous websites. Michelle is one of the most intelligent conservative thinkers in the world today and is rivaled by very few.

The View is well know for the liberal bias the hosts make no attempt at hiding and it is not uncommon for them to propagate ‘fake news’. Anytime a guest appears on the show who doesn’t ‘drink the liberal Kool-Aid’, it is only a matter of minutes before Joy Behar begins spewing her liberal lunacy that is all but completely devoid of facts.

On this occasion, however, Michelle Malkin was making a guest appearance.  Much to the disappointment of The View and every liberal who was in attendance or viewing around the world, Michelle made it clear that she wasn’t going to stay silent anymore.

When The View hosts began discussing Michelle’s book, in which she detailed the corruption with Barack Obama’s campaign and administration, Michelle let them have it with both barrels.

You just witnessed what happens when you mess with the bull…you get the horns!

Some of you may say conservative pundits shouldn’t even waste their time by appearing on far left shows such as The View.

By appearing on liberal-biased programs it allows for the real facts to shine through and shows liberals that anyone who wants to know the truth will not keep swallowing their lies.

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E. Goldstein

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