• July 14, 2024

Michael Moore On Protesters: “This Makes The Tea Party Look Like Preschool”

 Michael Moore On Protesters: “This Makes The Tea Party Look Like Preschool”

Michael Moore, the filmmaker and left-wing activist, is convinced the enthusiastic scenes at various Congressional Republicans’ outreach events is the start of something much bigger.

The longtime Trump critic joined MSNBC’s Chris Hayes Wednesday night to discuss what he saw as the most significant popular protests since the 1970s, rejecting the notion that any of those badgering Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton were professional activists. “You can see just watching the footage there that nobody’s being paid. They are there because they love this country,” he said.

Dismissing the comparison Hayes tried to draw to the large boisterous crowds that greeted Democrats at town hall-style during 2009’s Tea Party movement, Moore said, “No, no, this makes the Tea Party look like preschool. I mean seriously.”

Moore took Republican statements that certain elements of Obamacare may be retained in their coming healthcare legislation as proof the protests are nullifying November’s resounding GOP election victory. “I’m thinking ‘yeah that’s right,’ we have [won] and we have no power. We don’t control a single branch of government and yet they know the power because we are the majority. That’s the key factor here. We are the majority,” he said.

“That’s why they know they aren’t going to get away with this,” Moore said of the Republican congressional majority.


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