• June 24, 2024

Mexico Repeats Call for U.S. Gun Ban while Ignoring the Obvious

 Mexico Repeats Call for U.S. Gun Ban while Ignoring the Obvious

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“Mexico’s Foreign Minister Claudia Ruiz Massieu on Monday asked the U.S. Congress to restrict the sale of assault weapons as ‘they cause harm on both sides of the border,” China’s Xinhua News Agency reports. “Ruiz Massieu made this call at the Second Conference of States Parties to the Arms Trade Treaty of the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland.”

Citing the “news” arm of the PRC…? The government that has called U.S. gun ownership a “human rights violation”…?*  What gives?

All-NewsU.S. establishment networks and the major papers, evidently don’t consider this “newsworthy.” And with their exhaustively documented sins of commission and omission, especially when it comes to guns, what makes them different from state-run propaganda efforts, anyway?

As for Mexico calling for the U.S. to ban demonized semi-autos, there’s nothing new about that. They’ve been doing it for years, blaming their own utter corruption and complicity with cartel barbarism on “lax U.S. gun laws.”

How-ManyNote Massieu’s call for U.S. citizen disarmament acknowledged neither Operation Fast and Furious “gunwalking” nor the porous border. Admittedly, that allows for some U.S. guns to go south, although many more, including the military grade stuff comes north into Mexico from Central America, and comes from corrupt Mexican government officials.

Also left unsaid was the flood of drugs and illegal immigrants coming from Mexico into the U.S. That’s hardly surprising, as corrupt government policies, officials and politicians on each side of the border rely on both. And Massieu likes it that way, and if you disagree, you’re “racist” and “xenophobic” and “absurd.”.

Unfortunately, or more accurately, outrageously, Congressional and media investigations to expose the truth on Fast and Furious – and to bring real accountability to those responsible for it (including finding out who all of them are) – have been practically stonewalled to death.  The media never wanted to report on the story in the first place, and still dismisses a cynical plot to “pad statistics”* and bring about an “assault weapon” ban as a “botched gun sting.”

Holder-EscapingAnd yes, Eric Holder still has a “contempt of Congress” charge hanging over his head, but who thinks anything substantive will come of that? Or that the Republicans have sufficient incentive to pull out all the stops going after someone no longer in power?

VanderRealizing people with power and reach aren’t interested (for reasons they’re not disclosing), some of us have still not given up, basically those of us who have been trying to get to the truth of the matter since the beginning.* It was still a priority with my colleague, the late Mike Vanderboegh, right up until the end.

Kent-TerryAnother man who has been unrelenting at not giving up is Kent Terry, brother of slain Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry. He has joined in aFreedom of Information Act request which, among other things, can help determine if the State Department, Hillary Clinton, and higher-ups in the Mexican government, were truly in the dark about “gunwalking.”

No One-WantswIt’s no surprise that Clinton’s political incentive is to keep the border porous, and to usher in more new “pathway to citizenship” Democrats. If she wins the presidency, federal and Supreme Court appointments will be hers to make, and you’d better believe an upheld “assault weapon” ban, along with a reversal of Heller and McDonald, will be tops on her agenda.

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