Mexican President Has Come Up With A Great Solution To Stop Illegal Immigrants From Coming Into The US

There are so many ways to stop criminal activity that you could almost spend all day listing them all.

I’m not talking about how to deal with criminal activity once it has happened but keeping it from happening period.

In inner cities for example you have youth organizations that try to give young men and women something to do instead of joining a gang or otherwise getting into trouble that could lead to a life of criminal activity.

Also, giving someone a reason not to commit a criminal act is always a good step. Give someone some kind of goal to strive for and they will do everything that they can to stay on the straight and narrow.

That being said, illegal immigration is a crime just the same as robbing a bank. Now, while other countries deal with illegal border crossings a lot harsher than we do in the United States we tend to pamper folks that have repeat offended several times over.

It seems that no countries want to deal with a problem that we are at the end of..except for one.

Via Daily Caller:

Newly elected Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador intends to curb immigration into the United States by economically developing his country’s northern states.

Loprez Obrador — who entered office in the beginning of December with a leftist agenda — on Monday decreed lower rates for income and value-added taxes in over 40 municipalities that border the U.S.

The minimum wage within these municipalities will also be risen to 177 pesos — equivalent to $9 — beginning in 2019.

Lopez Obrador also plans new infrastructure projects and more social welfare programs to benefit Mexican citizens.

“This is a very important project to boost investment and job creation,” Lopez Obrador said during a Saturday event in the northern state of Nuevo Leon, according to Reuters.

The ambitious agenda is meant to bolster the economic standing of towns and cities dotted along Mexico’s northern border, the forefront of America’s illegal immigration crisis. Lopez Obrador, facing extreme pressure from his northern neighbor, has pledged to reduce migration into the U.S., and hopes to do so by enhancing his citizens’ quality of life.

On the other side of the border, the fight over illegal immigration has reached an apex.



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