Mesmerizing Drone Footage Shows “Whirlpool” Draining Lake [VIDEO]

California wasn’t nicknamed ‘The Golden State’ for no reason, as it turns out the state has had its severe issues with drought over the past few years. There truly was too much sunshine, which caused plenty of lakes and water reservoirs to dry up to dangerously low water capacities.

Luckily, the Golden State currently doesn’t have any drought issues anymore. During the last winter, there was plenty of precipitation which allowed lakes to be refilled again – even up to the maximum capacity. There was a particularly large amount of rain and snow coming in from the steps of the Sierra Nevada mountains as well as the northern California area.


Before the rainy winter, Napa County was one of the worst affected areas of the five-year long drought. Napa County is a popular tourist destination in the Golden State, mostly because of its mesmerizing hills, meadows, and landscapes. Lake Berryessa, a particularly large man-made lake, was starting to dry up and officials started to get worried.

Because Lake Berryessa was man-made, engineers built-in a huge hole which had been nicknamed the “Glory Hole” and served as a spillway whenever the lake reached full capacity. The lake was being confined by an impressive 304-foot dam.

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