Melania Trump Visits A Children’s Hospital, Showing What A REAL First Lady Looks Like

Melania Trump was in Washington last week for the grand opening of a healing garden at the Children’s National Medical Center.

The Bunny Mellon Healing Garden is a 7,200-square-foot garden that was construction on the roof of the hospital. All the living first ladies agreed to serve as honorary chairs for the garden several years ago, and Melania has slipped right into her role.

“It took so many kind and caring people focused on these very brave and amazing children,” Melania said at the opening. “This garden will be a quiet space for children to benefit from nature’s most important elements: fresh air and beautiful views, to relax and enjoy in peace. It has always been my belief that a nurturing and positive environment is vital to the health and well-being of all children.”

It was her second appearance at the hospital in the last two months.


E. Goldstein

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