• June 25, 2024

Mediaite Writer Calls Former Tom Cotton Intern a White Supremacist

 Mediaite Writer Calls Former Tom Cotton Intern a White Supremacist

Mediaite, just another left wing dispensary for Fake News is now calling former Tom Cotton intern a white supremacist.  Mediaite contributor Caleb Ecarma implied that Nate Washington is a white supremacist by linking his use of the term “cuck”.

Ecarma being the uneducated moron that he is did not even bother to look up Nate Washington or the word cuck.  First of all Nate Washington is black.  Second of all the word cuck which is used frequently in Great Britain means fag.  As in Caleb Ecarma is a cuck. (fag)

 Washington referred to House Speaker Paul Ryan as a “cuck,” to the British as “faggots” and to Americans as “the superior race,” Ecarma reported, based on a recording he obtained while talking to Washington at a party. Washington told TheDCNF Ecarma recorded him and his two roommates without their permission.

“The recordings were all recorded without my or either of my roommates’ consent. I’m not going to speak on anything that was said during that recording,” Washington told The DCNF. “But I was certainly intoxicated at the time and so was everyone else.”

Ecarma dedicated several paragraphs connecting Washington’s use of the term “cuck” to white supremacists. Cuckold is a term that dates back to 13th century Middle English and refers, explicitly, to a man whose wife has committed adultery. The husband, in such a case, is referred to as a cuckold.

Ecarma linked the word “cuck” to far-right organizations and used the phrase “white supremacist” once and “white nationalist” two times to describe use of the term. He even relied on testimony from one of the shrillest voices on the left, Joan Walsh, to further cast the term as “racially charged.”

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White Supremacist Nate Washington

The relevant text:

The term ‘cuck’ originated in political spaces during 2015, as white nationalists and the far-right began calling Republicans they deemed too moderate ‘cuckservatives.’ The word is racially charged, as ‘cuck’ that Joan Walsh described as a pornographic genre ‘in which a white husband, either in shame or lust, watches his wife be taken by a black man.’ In reference to Ryan, the ‘cuck’ slur towards him originated on alt-right and white supremacist websites. Ryan has been deemed a ‘cuck’ from white nationalist leader Richard Spencer, neo-Nazi websites The Daily Stormer and Stormfront and alt-right pundit Mike Cernovich. Ryan even received the title ‘Cuck of The Year For 2016‘ by the Reddit page President Trump used to host an online town hall event.

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