McDonald’s Is Making Major Changes To Its Restaurants, Is This A Good Idea?

Fast food giant McDonald’s is dishing out knives and forks to customers to try to compete with the growing popularity of gourmet chains. The huge revamp to the chain’s dining experience began in France on Tuesday – but only on a trial basis and if it’s successful it could come to the UK in the future.

Around 1,400 restaurants will give customers cutlery but only when they order the McDonald’s ‘Signature’ burger. ‘Signature’ burgers cost twice as much as a normal burger and are cooked to order. They are served on a brioche-style bun with a variety of options including blue cheese and bacon.

The move comes as the iconic fast food outlet faces stiff competition from increasingly popular new burger chains such as Five Guys. McDonald’s market chief for France, Xavier Royaux, told Le Figaro: “In recent months we have seen a reorganization of the burger market.

“Among things on offer are gourmet burgers, so as a pioneer and leader it was essential to position ourselves.

“For the first time, customers will enjoy their Signature burger with a fork and a knife, unheard of at McDonald’s.

“Cutlery is a development rather than a break with the past, in the same way that we’ve brought in table service, now available at more than 80 per cent of our restaurants.”

The first McDonald’s arrived in France in the 1970s and the country became the second-largest market for the fast food giant in 2007, second only to America.

Source: Mirror 

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