McDonald’s Corporation Is Unhappy With Billboard; Do You Agree With Them?

A billboard ad of McDonald’s gained a lot of reaction on social media but the company does not agree with it.

A McDonald’s billboard that advertised breakfast burritos while making a joke about marijuana was taken down after the corporation decided that the tongue-in-cheek ad was not up to the standards of the organization.

Did a McDonald’s in Raton, N.M., actually make a joke about marijuana use to sell breakfast burritos?

According to the McDonald’s Corporation, yes, it did — but the billboard is coming down because it doesn’t meet the company’s standards.

A photo of the billboard first began making the rounds earlier this week, and soon gained traction on social media for containing a joke about joint-rolling.

The billboard, which is reportedly positioned on a stretch of Interstate 25 near Exit 451, features an image of the egg- and chile-stuffed burrito alongside large white lettering that reads, “Usually, when you roll something this good, it’s illegal.”

KRQE, the outlet that first reported on the photo, claims the joke is being well-received in by locals, some of whom note that its “placement is key.”

The McDonald’s Corporation, however, doesn’t seem to agree with the local community.

In a statement obtained by Fox News, McDonald’s says the franchise’s billboard “does not meet our standards and is being taken down.”

A representative for McDonald’s did not specify when the billboard will be removed from the interstate.

Some people laughed at the billboard as a clever joke, while others read meaning into the ad.

“The billboard jokingly emphasizes the costly dividing line between the dark days of marijuana prohibition and America’s new reality—legal marijuana,” Monterey Bud wrote on

The billboard was initially posted to Facebook by Lamar Advertising of New Mexico-El Paso, the firm that put the ad up.

“At the request of the owner, we put this baby up in Raton, NM (near the CO border). It’s getting a lot of buzz!” the post read.

Source: Fox News

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