McConnell Tells Trump What HE Must Do to Gain Support from GOP Senators in Latest Impeachment Scam [WATCH]

So Mitch must think there is actually some truth to this scam impeachment process in the US House of representatives? It looks that way. How outrageous!

Mitch McConnell must think that there is some value to the Democrat arguments? Or maybe he thinks the Republican Senate can control Trump? Evidently Mitch thinks President Trump should grovel with GOP senators for their vote in something that is clearly a complete sham.
Meanwhile, the Republican Senate DOES NOTHING to assist this wildly popular Republican President.

Lindsey Graham is yet to call in any witnesses in the sham investigation that is completely partisan and based on a total fraud.

The coup attempt by Democrats will change America for ever.
It should be thrown out before it reaches the US Senate floor.

So if Trump is mean to the US Senate they’re going to vote for impeachment over some outrageous farce?


They really are THE WORST.




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